Sunday, April 11, 2010

Catching Up

It is now April and my goal is to get a new name for the blog and start blogging again! We need a new name because we have almost been a family of four for two years and our family is complete.

It has been a very busy year with one in kindergarten and one in special needs preschool all day. The afternoons have been packed with therapy appointments, soccer (in the Fall), Daisy troop meetings (I am one of the leaders of a very active bunch of girls), art class, homework, making dinner, etc.

We celebrated the day that we met Ellie Grace, we call it Gotcha Day or Family Day. She knows that is the day that we met her in China and became a family. She wanted Chinese food for dinner so we went to the restaurant nearby that we like and had a nice dinner. We gave her the little doll that represents the minority that our guides told us she most likely is, Zhuang. One of our favorite books to read is Crazy Cakes and I read it to her on that special night. So many memories and such growth in five years!

Spring Break is over and the children go back to school tomorrow. We had a very relaxed week and enjoyed eating dinner together, going to bed later, sleeping in, etc. The children enjoyed going to Big Canoe for their egg hunt and seeing their grandparents and baby cousin. Erik took a day off and we enjoyed going to the Fernbank Science Center and grabbing a bit to eat. Then we joined two of my high school friends at the zoo on Friday. The animals were out and we had fun but it was very crowded. We got a family pass since it will pay for itself by going two times so we will go back on a day that won't be so busy.

T-ball started today at the YMCA today and we resume swim lessons next week. Ellie Grace has been signed up for our neighborhood swim team and we plan on spending much of our summer by the pool.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


December has been a fun busy month for us this year. We have been a family of four for 1 1/2 years and there have been so many changes for all of us. I truly thank God for sticking with us and helping us through the tough times. Now, I see my two children playing and laughing much more often. Our house has become a home again and I do not find myself wanting to find the escape door or turn back time.
Some of our activities this month included Erik's annual work parties ( one for the children with Santa and gifts and one for the adults at the Marietta Country Club for dinner the next weekend), holiday parties in their classrooms, an art class and show at The Art Place for Ellie Grace and her friend, dinner to celebrate with Kristi and Clay at Grandma Sue and Grandpa How's house, a night at Nana and Pop's house for the little ones, a date night to see The Blind Side and dinner at Aspens for us while they were away, a morning of wonderful presents from Santa, and finally having the Ward family and the Kjeldsens over to exchange gifts and eat on Christmas afternoon.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quick surgery update- we have our post op next week

Niklas' surgery went fine last week. He hung out with me at home all week and was very excited to be back at school yesterday. He was very tired at lunch and took a nap during rest. Today, he went the whole day and to speech without any pain meds or nap. So I am hopeful that he is healing and doing good.
He is on a soft diet so I am sending lunch with him and Ellie Grace each morning. It isn't the most nutritious lunch, but it will do for another week or so. I just hope Ellie Grace eats it tomorrow, she didn't eat her soup today and was crying with a tummy ache on the bus. She was just hungry!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween!

My spider and my horse enjoyed a short night of trick-or-treating on Saturday. Aunt Tina in Texas sent the cute costumes to us , thank you Aunt Tina! In tradition, we met our neighbors to go to a few houses together. We didn't go to any houses on our cul-de-sac due to dark houses and rain but all four children enjoyed the night and got plenty of candy. Ours got to eat quite a bit of candy that night and on Sunday due to Niklas's surgery on Monday morning.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I know it is Wednesday night, but Thursday is coming in a few short hours. I have thought about a lot of things the last few months since I have had a bit more quiet time. I picked up a new devotion book that is short, but very meaningful. God has blessed me and I have many reasons to give thanks each day.

-Erik and I went to my parent's house in North Carolina and enjoyed having the weekend together. The children stayed with their grandparents and got to go to my nephews first birthday.
-Ellie Grace had two full weeks of being on green at school. Her teacher uses green, yellow, and red for the behavior chart. We have had more than enough days of yellow and red for talking. I love her outgoing personality but she does need to learn that sometimes it is time to be quiet and do your work.
-Erik and I met with Niklas' teacher for a short conference. I wished we had done it sooner because she is seeing improvement in many areas. She and a few of our therapists are concerned about his tendancy to be distracted very easily. We are going to meet with the developmental pediatrician soon to talk about this. Overall, it made me feel much more confident that he is learning. Now, we just need to get him excited about learning his letters...
-Ellie Grace and I are in a Daisy troop. I was a Brownie and then a Girl Scout so I am excited that we are able to do participate together in this activiity. We enjoyed our first day trip to the Rock Ranch last Saturday with some of the girls and their moms. This will give us a chance to strengthen our mother-daughter bond.
-God has blessed me with a wonderful husband who has supported me through all of my ups and downs. He is so caring and patient with me. He is a great father and a wonderful husband.

Friday, September 18, 2009

September Update

It is hard to believe that my children have been in school for a month! We are keeping busy with Niklas' therapy appointments, Ellie's art class, and soccer in the afternoons. I am trying to get more housework and errands done in the morning so I can spend more time with family. This is a work in progress- it seems we are very busy in the afternoons these days.

Niklas saw a neurologist a few months ago so that we could get an MRI done. The results showed no masses or anything abnormal (Praise God!) but it did reveal that he might have a sinus infection. So, off to the pediatrician for an exam and some antibiotics! We were also sent to an orthopedist who was nice but not very helpful. He isn't allowed to diagnosis but thinks that Niklas could have some sort of cerebral palsy. So, we have put a call into our neurologist and she is supposed to call us on Tuesday.

Some would argue that a diagnosis will not change anything- it won't change who he is but it is something that I need at some point.

Point of Grace has a song that sums up some of my feelings. "I wish I could be more like Jesus and could pick up all the pieces and make life better for my baby girl (boy)". The song also goes on to say that God does hear us, whether it is wishes or prayers- God is listening.

On another note, Ellie Grace and Niklas are healthy and seem to have a strong immune system. Erik has been sick since Wednesday evening. It seems that he has the flu and we are hoping he will feel better soon. We are washing our hands very frequently!

The weather is very rainy this weekend so I picked up a cute new shower curtain for the kids bathroom. It is called "Peek-a boo Monkey" and is quite colorful. Ellie Grace was born in the year of the monkey so they are one of her favorite things.

Monday, August 17, 2009

School Time

Ellie Grace and Niklas started school last Monday. Ellie Grace was very excited to finally be at the big school and ride the bus. She had a great first week! I cannot believe that my "baby" is in kindergarten. She is growing up so quick!
Niklas returned to his PreK class at the same school so he knew his teachers and classmates. He is going all day this year.